Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Chanel SS14 Preview

Chanel SS14 Haute Couture

Hi everyone and welcome to my very first blog post. I simply adore The Sims and ever since the release of the sims 4 I decided to combine my passion for the sims and high fashion particularly my favorite designs by Chanel. (I also have a penchant for Gucci, Dior and Valentino). This is a collection I made roughly about 1 1/2 years ago. I have dozens and dozens of pieces and collections by Chanel ready to share with you all and hope you're ready for the ride. 
Chanel Spring 2014 Couture

If you can't tell my blog is in it's early stages and I haven't found a dedicated upload source just yet. However I will inform you of the process involved in how I will go about uploading and sharing these creations in this post.

Firstly I use The Sims 4 Studio, Photoshop, Milkshape and other tools to ensure that the creations look similar to their original pieces. 

Please bear in mind that I am no expert at meshing so my earlier creations aren't the highest quality but I strive to achieve a look as closest to the runway as possible.

After spending hours on the creations. I hop into the game and take screenshots for the thumbnail that you can see at the top of this post. My rollout and release process will include. A campaign featuring pictures and a short video to celebrate the collection. 

This collection is completed. The ETA should be hopefully before the end of this week no later than June 4th. 

bonus: Behind the Scenes look at the creation of the campaign behind these creations.